GLASURIT 352-216 Blend-In Slow Thinner – 5L

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Thinners like the GLASURIT 352-216 are typically categorized based on their short, standard, and long evaporation rates. This product, a slow thinner, is designed with a longer evaporation time, making it ideal for applications that require more time to blend in seamlessly without creating visible lines or marks. The GLASURIT 352-216 Blend-In Slow Thinner is a powerful tool for achieving a flawless, professional finish in automotive coatings. It excels in blending top, clear, and base coats, ensuring a smooth and invisible transition between painted areas. GLASURIT 352-216 Blend-In Slow Thinner is part of a comprehensive range of adjustment accessories designed to work seamlessly with top coats, clear coats, and base coat materials. Its versatility and precise adjustment options empower users to apply it to various applications, tailoring the product to specific job requirements. Thanks to its slow evaporation rate, this blend-in slow thinner’s ability to adapt to different application needs makes it a valuable tool for achieving high-quality, professional automotive finishes.


  • Type: Slow Thinner
  • Size: 5 liter
  • Uses: Top Coats / Base Coats / Clear Coats

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