HB BODY Bumper Soft Black – 1Kg

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The HB BODY F222 Bumper Soft Black is a 2K elastic polyester filler designed for automotive applications, specifically for repairing plastic bumpers. It boasts excellent adhesion properties to various types of plastic, excluding polyethylene (PE). This product is a polyester filler, which is commonly used in automotive body repair due to its strong adhesion and easy sandability. The HB BODY F222 provides a perfect, pinhole-free finish and can be easily sanded with P120 to P180 grit paper, ensuring a smooth surface ready for painting. The filler does not clog sandpaper, which helps in maintaining the efficiency of sanding and achieving a consistent finish. The product offers excellent mechanical resistance due to its high elasticity, ensuring durability and flexibility after application.


  • Type: 2K Polyester Elastic Filler
  • Size: 1 kg
  • Color: Black

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