CLASSIC 5240 Thinner Fast – 4.5L

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Jordan Jordan


The Classic Thinner Fast 5240 is a fast-drying automotive thinner that is used to fix the viscosity of paints and clear coats. The product itself doesn’t have a color but any color can be added to it to give undertones or depth to the paint job. This thinner is best used in small quantities as it dries very quickly and can solidify the paint if left for a few hours without use. It gives a shine to the paint and the end result is a glossy paint finish on all surfaces. The Classic Thinner Fast 5240 is used when paints have turned thick to prevent any sags or texture in the finished product.


  • Type: Quick-drying
  • Size: 4.5 liters
  • Uses:
    • Used in low-temperature zones
    • Used for small jobs
  • Safety Precautions:
    • Keep away from flames
    • Avoid inhalation and contact with eyes
    • Wear gloves, safety goggles and mask while using

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