HB BODY H752 Hardener Slow – 1L

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The HB BODY Hardener Slow H752 is a high-quality isocyanate hardener specifically designed for use with 2K (two-component) acrylic paints and 2K clear coats. This hardener is formulated to provide a slower curing time, making it ideal for use in larger or more intricate painting projects where extended working time is beneficial. The product is known for its excellent compatibility with various topcoats, ensuring a durable and professional finish. When used correctly, the HB BODY Hardener Slow H752 contributes to a smooth, glossy, and durable finish. It enhances the mechanical properties of the topcoat, such as hardness and resistance to chemicals and weathering.


  • Type: Slow Hardener
  • Size: 1 liter
  • Color: Clear

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