SAGOLA 4600 Spray Gun 1.3 XL Clear


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The SAGOLA Spray Gun 4600 1.3 XL Clear is a professional-grade spray gun designed for high-performance automotive painting. It is part of the special edition “4600 Overland Adventure,” which is an upgrade to the successful 4600 Trophy Truck model. This spray gun is renowned for its excellent atomization, precise control system, and low noise levels, making it ideal for professional painters. The size of the fluid tip on this particular model is 1.3 XL, which is optimal for applying clear coats, providing a fine balance between flow rate and atomization for a smooth, professional finish. The SAGOLA 4600 1.3 XL Clear spray gun is designed to deliver a mirror finish. The Titania Pro aircap contributes to a high-quality, even application, ensuring that the paint dries quickly and uniformly, resulting in a flawless, glossy surface.


  • Type: Spray Gun
  • Color: Red and Silver
  • Used for: Varnishes and monolayers

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