NEXA AUTOCOLOR 8633 HS Hardener Medium – 2.5L

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NEXA H.S Hardener Medium 8633 is a specialized hardener designed for use with solvent-based top coats and clear coats. It plays a critical role in ensuring the durability, finish quality, and curing time of the applied coatings. This hardener is part of the Nexa brand, known for its high-quality automotive refinishing products. This is a high solids hardener which means that it is used when a thicker coat is needed, offering better coverage and enhanced durability. When mixed with the appropriate solvent-based top coat or clear coat, the NEXA H.S Hardener Medium 8633 contributes to a high-gloss, professional finish. It ensures a smooth, even coat with excellent clarity and depth.


  • Type: High-Solids Medium Hardener
  • Size: 2.5 L
  • Finish: Gloss
  • Color: No color

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