Prince Sultan bin Salman Photography Award

In accordance with the vision of His Royal Highness Prince Sultan bin Salman bin Abdulaziz - the President & Chairman of the Board of the Saudi Commission for Tourism and National Heritage (SCTH) the Prince Sultan bin Salman Award is the most prestigious in Saudi Arabia. With relation to the vital role of photography in enhancing the image of the Kingdom from historical, cultural and tourist perspectives, and his Royal Highness’ keen interest in supporting and developing the talents of the people of the Kingdom and promoting them for the sake of the nation and honoring the pioneers for their distinct contributions, the Prince Sultan Photography Award is a way of achieving this vision.
It is an independent award that has a prestigious position as it is related to His Royal Highness Prince Sultan. Since its creation in 2012, 24 winners have been recognized in the domains of photography, development, preservation and documentation of national culture.
The award is back for its sixth year to coincide with the aspirations of His Royal Highness – the President of the Commission. The award is global in its scope in that it attracts pioneers and talented experts who are interested in preserving and documenting heritage through photography, publications or literature.  

Take part in encouraging and honoring the most talented photographers and writers on the subject by nominating those that best capture and conserve the Kingdom's cultural heritage in the Prince Sultan bin Salman Photography Award, with a prize fund of 300,000 SAR.

Contest Categories:

The Prince Sultan Award for Photography Pioneers in Saudi Arabia: This award is reserved for those Saudi citizens who have delivered outstanding services to the nation through their professionalism in photography which has helped to improve photography in Saudi Arabia.
The Prince Sultan Award for Publications: This award is open to all citizens,  different nationalities, individuals or private parties either residing in the Kingdom or outside Saudi Arabia, who have delivered beneficial services to the nation through their literature and publications related to photography and films.
The Prince Sultan International Award for Cultural Heritage: This is dedicated to talented national and international photographers who are interested in conserving world heritage, and have made continuous contributions and activities contributing toward preserving world heritage through photography.



The prize fund for the Prince Sultan bin Salman Photography Award is 300,000 SAR to be divided among the above-mentioned categories. Each category wins 100,000 SAR, in addition to an honorary shield during the inauguration ceremony of the Colors of Saudi Arabia Forum.

Terms and Conditions of the Award:
  • Individuals or parties nominated to the category of photography pioneers must be Saudi.
  • Non-Saudis may be nominated in the two categories of Publications and Cultural Heritage.
  • Individuals or institutions may nominate themselves or nominate others for the prize.
  • The nominated person or work has not received a previous prize from any other party and has not won previous contests of the Prince Sultan bin Salman Award in any category.
  • The organizing committee has the right to request a personal interview with any candidate for the Pioneer Award by the nominating committee.
  • The committee will keep all nomination files and cannot return them therefore, it is advisable not to submit original copies. If necessary, the original works and copies will be requested and returned to the candidate.
  • Nominations received after the deadline will be rejected.
  • The prize committee can withhold one of the categories of the award if there are no nominations or weak nominations submitted that do not meet the nomination requirements.
  • The prize committee may redistribute the prize fund as it sees fit or increase the number of candidates in any one of the categories.
  • The General Authority for Tourism and National Heritage and the organizing committee of the Saudi Colors Forum are entitled to use the names and photos of the winners of the prize and the winning works in all their publications and audiovisual advertisements. This right is attributed after having the permission from the nomination so that there will not be any legal responsibility of the General Authority, the Saudi Colors Forum or the organizing committee.
  • The honorees are chosen according to technical criteria set by the administration of the prize and then results are submitted to the patron of the award for approval.
  • Decisions of the prize committee are final, unappealable and cannot be submitted to an appeal or contested by any candidate of the prize.

General Standards:
  • Originality and scientific honesty: Work should be authentic, original, and take into consideration public morality.
  • The work should not contradict Islamic law or civil regulations or include something that contradicts social prevailing customs in the Kingdom.
  • Participation objectives: Participation should have achieved the objectives and desired results or are achievable and they are in accordance with the categories of His Royal Highness Prince Sultan bin Salman Award for Photography.

General Provisions:

  • Intellectual property: The applicant (an enterprise or an individual) irrevocably acknowledges that he or she has all intellectual property rights relating to the work to which he or she participates.
  • Commitment: The participant is committed to all submitted works and to bear any responsibility resulting from his or her participation. The organizing committee, the contest jury of the winning works or the General Authority for Tourism and National Heritage do not bear any liability resulting from participation.
  • The organizing committee: The specialized committee that will choose the winning works or the General Authority for Tourism and National Heritage do not bear any responsibility toward any of the persons who appear in the works submitted to the prize and that these persons are not permitted to refer to the organizing committee, the contest jury of the winning works or the General Authority for Tourism and  National Heritage or their partners in any subject whatsoever, whether or not it is a claim or liability for damage or otherwise, and the person who assumes whole responsibility is the participant.
Process of Nomination and Selection
  1. Fill out the form on the website.
  2. Alignment to the general standards and objectives of participation.
  3. Attach the required data with the form.
  4. In the case of having attachments such as literature and publications, scientific papers, documents and other work that the applicant sees fit according to the categories, they should be attached with the form and sent in the same e-mail with each attachment labeled.
  5. Entries should be sent to

Winners of previous years

  • Photography PioneersMohammed bin Abdullah Al-Allahw
  • Photography PioneersSaad bin Mohammed al-Sunaidi
  • Publications and Literature"The Book of the Fursan Island: Earth, History and Man", by Mohsin bin Mohammed Al-Dajani
  • Cultural HeritageAbdulaziz bin Abdullah Al-Dakhil
  • Cultural HeritageAbdullah bin Jari
  • Publications and LiteratureHer Royal Highness:
    Reem Al-Faisal
  • Photography for Tourism Purposes Faisal bin Zar'a
  • Photography PioneersNoha Al Ghaleb
  • Photography PioneersHamid Sulaiman
  • Photography PioneersSaud Al-Harbi
  • Photography PioneersAbdul Aziz al-Mashhash
  • Photography PioneersEssa Al-Hammoudi
  • Photography PioneersMohammed Babli
  • Photography PioneersSusan Salem Baqeel
  • Photography PioneersHani Al-Durai
  • Photography PioneersMohammed bin Ayda bin Bakheet al-Maliki
  • Photography PioneersAbdullah bin Saleh Nahd al-Dhahiri
  • Photography PioneersAdnan Hashim Al-Shubar
  • Photography PioneersMohammed Ali Al Ansari
  • Publications and LiteratureOkaz Foundation for Press and Publishing (Najran Book)
  • Publications and LiteratureYounes Sulaiman
  • Photography PioneersAbdullah bin Ali al-Dubeikhi
  • Photography PioneersMohammed Saleh Daoud Al-Shabib
  • Photography PioneersHamid Shalaby
  • Photography PioneersHamad bin Mohammed Al-Abdali
  • Photography PioneersSharif Issa Ankawi
  • Photography PioneersKhaled Khader
  • Photography PioneersSaud Mahjoub
  • Photography PioneersAli Al-Mubarak

Inquiries and Suggestions

For inquiries, please contact the Prince Sultan bin Salman Photography Award team, Saudi Commission for Tourism and National Heritage at: