Colors of Saudi Book

The Colors of Saudi book is a publication that documents the creativity of photographers who employed their professionalism and lenses to display the nation's top tourist and heritage elements. It is a window to the assets of the nation and its citizens and highlights the diversity and richness of the tourist elements that characterize the Kingdom.

Take the initiative to register your work and photos in the Colors of Saudi book - the most important book displaying the Kingdom's tourist elements - and join an elite group of celebrities and experts.

What is “Colors of Saudi Book”?
The book conveys the best participating photos in the Colors of Saudi Contest and the photo library.

Participation Advantages

  • Documenting your photos entries in the Colors of Saudi contest.
  • Acknowledgement of your ownership of the photos that you entered in the contest or the photo library.
  • Be part of a publication that widens people’s knowledge of  Saudi Arabia.
  • Marketing your participating photos through the Commission's photo library.
  • A free copy of the Colors of Saudi book.

Please note that the ownership rights of the photos remain for the photographer. Any participation in the book is not considered a waiver; it is just permission to use the photos in the book only.

Hurry up and reserve your copy of the updated Colors of Saudi book to see the history and heritage of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Is there different editions of the book?
The book will be released in updated versions with new photos to enable the largest number of photographers to participate.
Photographers who wish to participate can submit their photos by filling in the Application Form and sending it to the organizing committee at:

The Organizing Committee of Colors of Saudi at the SCTH manages the choice of photos that appear in the book, and also manages the book's design, production, marketing and distribution or selling. The committee bears the costs of editing, printing and producing the book and determines its price according to production costs.

How to get your copy?
•    From the SCTH pavilion in the Colors of Saudi exhibition.
•    You can reserve your copy via:

For Inquiries or Suggestions
Please contact the Colors of Saudi Book team at the Saudi Commission for Tourism and National Heritage via: