Turning an Ordinary Photo to a World-Class Promotional Photo

This course aims to introduce how to capture a great photo and a photo suited to market a destination; improve the skills of an amateur photographer to be a professional photographer, and identify the challenges that face him.

Date and Place
13 – 16 December 2018, from 4:00 pm to 9:00 pm in the courses venue in Colors Of Saudi Arabia Forum, Riyadh International Convention & Exhibition Center – RICEC.

Each participant will get certification accredited by SCTH (Saudi colors) and Saudi Films Council



Name: David Kirkland 

One of the most widely published tourism and photographers in the world, he specializes in capturing memorable promotional photographs for national tourism authorities and producing world-class images for international resorts and cruise companies. David became a professional travel and tourism photographer in 2000 after more than a decade of managing tourism authorities in Australia. He has written and photographed 16 books, and he owns the largest online photo library dedicated specifically to travel and tourism in the Asia Pacific region.

Training Course Topics

-This session will identify the difference between capturing a great photograph and capturing a photograph besrt suited to market a destination
- It will look at what elements are needed in a successful promotional photograph and the audience the photographs are seeking to attract  
- It will explain the important difference between being a photographer, being a travel photographer and being a tourism photographer.
- It will show a selection of photographs captured by David in his previous visits to Saudi Arabia and use them as examples of successful promotional images.

What sort of photographer are you? And, what do you expect from your photography? 

- This session will seek audience participation to determine what sort of photographers they are and ask them what they expect from their photography.
- It will look to identify the hobby or amateur photographers, the professional photographers and the photographers hoping to become professional photographers.
- It will work with each of these groups to suggest how they can improve their photography. 

- This session will involve showing examples of David’s most successful tourism photographs.
- It will explain why they were successful and what was involved in creating them.
- It will look to share with the audience the secrets of David’s success as an international  tourism photographer, and teach participants how to capture similar images.  
- It will also review the photographs David captured of Saudi, and examine the power of "The Hero Shot' to a destination and what is likely to be involved in capturing similar images of Saudi 

- This session will concentrate on the challenges of being a professional photographer and managing your business. 
- It will look at how to add value to your photography by generating revenue through international stock libraries, selling to publishers, publishing your own books or souvenir publications and 
  contributing images to the Saudi Tourism Commission’s on-line Photo Library. 
- It will look at managing workflows, data storage, licensing your images, protecting your copyrights and model releases.
- It will look at whether you are actually suited to professional photography and, particularly travel and tourism photography.  

- This session will look at my experience with social media and particularly Instagram - the photographer’s social media.
- It will look at the time involved, lessons I have learned as a professional travel photographer, the opportunities it has created and my plans to turn it into direct income in 2019 when I reach  
- This session will look at trends in Travel and Tourism Photography including the use of arial drones and underwater drones.
- This session will be interactive where I’ll be looking to explore the audience’s use of social media and looking to gather and share lessons we’ve all learned.

- This will be a review of the preceding five lessons where questions can be asked about anything that was taught or points of interest that may have been overlooked.
- This session will invite audience participants to talk about what they have learned from their participation and how they will apply it to their own photography.
- Importantly, this session will invite participant to bring in a selection of their own photographs to discuss their merit, and how they may have been strengthened with the lessons shared.    
- In preparation for the practical workshop the following day, this session will look at equipment - mine and the participants - to consider the cameras being used and the approach to 
  photographing the subject we will spend the day  photographing.          

Registration Fees
Registration fees for this course: 700 SAR.

How to Register
اIf you are interested, kindly register through the Registration Form, complete all the required data, and read and accept the participation terms and conditions.Apply

Useful Tips 

  • If you wish to register in this training course, we suggest you bring your own camera, camera accessories, and your laptop to achieve the utmost benefit.
  • This course is for +17 years old, males and females.
  • To get the accredited certificate, you must attend the whole course.
  • The course is in English and there is simultaneous translation into Arabic.

To get all the details about the course and registration fees, you can contact:
Tourism Contact Center: 19988