Face and Shadow (Film Acting Techniques)

This 4-day course aims to train participants on film acting techniques through a reading of selected film scenes; a historical background of acting; and the application of the 6 Basic Steps of Acting (Uta Hagen's Theory).

Date and Place
13 – 16 December 2018, from 4:00 pm to 9:00 pm in the courses venue in Colors Of Saudi Arabia Forum, Riyadh International Convention & Exhibition Center – RICEC.

Each participant will get certification accredited by SCTH (Saudi colors) and Saudi Films Council




She has enjoyed a prolific career that has encompassed creative work as a visual artist, actor, writer, director, and producer, She taught visual arts in Philadelphia and Boston, then  moved to New York and quickly became a notable Broadway and Off-Broadway performer, Anne has starred in several acclaimed films including "Stardust Memories,  "Arthur,  "My Favorite Year, "Perfect",  "Compromising Positions",  "Burglar"  and television movies, including  "Dead In The Water" (“Dreamgirls”), "Hi-Life", in addition, she is member of the Board of Directors of Screen Actors Guild and has been part of the faculty at USC Film School and the Lee Strasberg Institute

Training Course Topics

  • Introductions. 
  • Class Overview.  
  • Historical brief on acting
  • Utal Hagen’s:  6 Basic Steps For Acting – Explanation and Application
  • IMPROVISATION: Definition: Action where what’s performed is created at the moment it’s performed. In its purest form, action, dialogue, story and characters are created collaboratively by players as the improvisation unfolds in present time, without use of an already prepared written script.
  • Each student will create an IMPROVISATION which will reflect: PLACE, ENTRANCES/EXITS, BEHAVIOR and INNER MONOLOGUE. 
  • Meditative readings of Film Scenes. 

  • Watch the film, “The King’s Speech”. 
    Class discussion to follow. Discuss Objective, Intention, Obstacle and Circumstances of the King, Queen and Therapist.
  • Continue with IMPROVISATIONS until ALL students have had his/her opportunity.
  • OPEN SCENES.  Apply Uta Hagen’s “6 Basic Steps for Acting.”
    - Assign OPEN SCENE Partners. Each duo will choose which Open Scene they want to do.
    - More cold readings of Film Scenes.
  • Breakdown terms and different purposes of Camera Technique.
  • Handout of Quotes from the world’s most inspiring artists.
  • Overview of Acting Technique, Relaxation and Sense Memory, Utal Hagen’s 6 Basic Steps of Acting.

  • Perform all OPEN SCENES in front of class.
  • Discussion after each scene. 
  • Listening Exercise.
  • Present Film Readings in class.
  • Share entries from Journal.

  • Watch film, “Requiem for a Heavyweight”.  
  • Class discussion to follow.  Discuss at length ALL aspects of ACTING TECHNIQUE and CHARACTER WORK. 
  • Present Film readings in class.

Registration Fees
Registration fees for this course: 700 SAR.

How to Register
اIf you are interested, kindly register through the Registration Form, complete all the required data, and read and accept the participation terms and conditions.Apply

Useful Tips 

  • If you wish to register in this training course, we suggest you bring your own camera, camera accessories, and your laptop to achieve the utmost benefit.
  • This course is for +17 years old, males and females.
  • To get the accredited certificate, you must attend the whole course.
  • The course is in English and there is simultaneous translation into Arabic.

To get all the details about the course and registration fees, you can contact:
Tourism Contact Center: 19988