Winner Films
The winning films featured in the “Colors of Saudi Arabia” competition for short films this year, 2017, with a total prizes valued at SR 550,000, are distinguished by their diversity and comprehensiveness. They expressed the various tourist components of the Kingdom that are drawn from its rich heritage, ancient civilization, unique arts, and charming nature.​ Photographer Naif Abu-Shagaf won the first prize in the “Heritage Films” category with his film “Waqf”, which dealt with one of the oldest historic mosques in Al-Namas municipality. While, photographer Athbah Rais won the first prize in the “Tourist Destinations” category for his film “Try my City – Riyadh”, which provides tourism experiences that a tourist can live in the Saudi capital, Riyadh. ​As for, photographer Mohammad Al-Marhabi, he took us on a unique journey through his film, "Spirit of the North" to the North of the Kingdom, showing us its charming nature and unique beauty. So, undisputedly he deserved to win the first prize in the “Nature” category films. While in the “Audience Choice” category, the audience chose the film, “The Gabson Art” by photographer Emad Al Zahrani, who took us on a journey into the past to know about one of the oldest Saudi arts - the Gabson Art.
فيلم وقف
المصور / نايف أبو شقاف
فيلم جرب بلدي الرياض
المصور / عتبة ريس
فيلم روح الشمال
المصور / محمد المرحبي
فيلم فن القبسون
المصور / عماد الزهراني