Photography Contest Jury


​Jury Members​

Name: Abdul-Aziz Ashour

Saudi Art Critic
  • He held a number of personal exhibitions in Arab and international capitals. 
  • He won local and international awards.
  • He participated in Art Fair (Abu Dhabi, Dubai, and London).
  • He was chosen in 2016 as the first Arab Artist to stay in the Joseph and Anni Albers Foundation in the USA. 
  • He is the author of "Saudi Artists Today."
  • Canvas Magazine described his works as a turning point because they are a space for development and diversity, considering his experience a subsequent step for the pioneers' generation in Saudi Arabia. 
  • He is a lecturer in a number of specialized art exhibitions, and participated in cities and museums around the world.
  • He held and participated in a large number of exhibitions and events inside and outside the Kingdom. 

Name: Riyad al-Jarei
  • A photographer specialized in landscapes. 
  • A member of the Board of Directors of the Middle East Photographers Club.
  • He won several awards in photography inside and outside the Kingdom. He also participated in a number of exhibitions inside the Kingdom under the supervision of the Society of Culture and Arts, and outside the Kingdom under the supervision of The International Federation of Photographic Art (FIAP). 
  • He is a lecturer and organizer of courses and workshops in photography. 
  • He is the author of "Inspired by Beauty and Arts: An Introduction to the Philosophy of Art and the Science of Beauty." 
  • He won a number of awards in the previous Colors of Saudi Contest.

Name: Abdul-Aziz Ayyash
A Photography Pioneer
  • A professional photographer.
  • He was chosen by Qaui Branly museum in Paris as the best photographer in the Gulf region to participate in PhotoQuai from 30/10/2007 to 25/11/2007.
  • He participated with his photography works around the world and they were chosen for official representation in a number of international exhibitions. 
  • He participated in the exhibitions accompanying the Kingdom's Cultural Days in China, Japan, Germany, Egypt, Russia, Turkey, Algeria and others.
  • He won a number of awards and his works were nominated to win in
  • Some of his works were nominated to win in the international contest The Black and White Spider Awards 2009. 
  • He established various forums for photography to spread knowledge and develop photography in the Kingdom.
  • He held training courses in photography art.
  • He contributed in documenting a number of government events in various regions of the Kingdom.
  • He is a member of five local and international societies. 

Name: Stefano Giove
Italian Photographer
  • He started his career in photography 35 years ago.
  • A director and cinematographer.
  • Event photographer.
  • The official photographer for several Saudi international hotels.
  • He was in the jury of many local contests; most recently was "King Fahd, The Spirit of Leadership."
  • A professional photographer in many fields such as food, life, street, and nature.
  • He worked with famous Italian international magazines.
  • He documented several Saudi regions.

Name: Abdul-Aziz Mishkhas
  • A professional photographer who held many administrative positions in the photography community in Kingdom Saudi Arabia.
  • He participated in the jury of several important contests.
  • He organized many photography events outside the Kingdom for the Ministry of Culture and Information.
  • He held many training workshops.
  • He is a member of the Photographic Society of America (PSA) and the International Federation of Photographic Art (FIAP).
  • He is the former representative of FIAP in Kingdom Saudi Arabia.
  • He is the former Managing Editor of Al Zawyah Magazine for Photography. 
  • He is the former supervisor of photography and graphics section in Okaz newspaper.
  • He wrote a book about photography essentials. 
  • He won Prince Sultan bin Salman Photography Award 2016 as a photography pioneer in Kingdom Saudi Arabia.