Photography Contest Jury




FIAP President 
Founder and Vice-President of Image sans Frontiere (1996 – 2002)
Judge in more than 300 contests in 27 different countries 
Five times FIAP World Champion in Nature
Specializes in Nature and travel photography 
Organized 376 photo expos in 31 countries around the world
Photographic titles: MFIAP, EFIAP/p and Hon.EFIAP , etc.         

Michael Freeman
United Kingdom
•    British photographer with extensive experience in photography and arbitration
•    Judged numerous major contests e.g. Nikon Photo Contest.
•    Wrote 133 photography books in 20 languages and sold 4 million copies around the world.
•    Worked with world renowned magazines such as the Sunday Times, Life, and National Geographic.
•    A consultant and speaker giving numerous training courses and workshops.
•    Developed the photography curriculum for  London College
•    Consultant for a BBC Television photography series.

Ali AlMubarak
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

•    Professional photographer, specialized in advertising and marketing photography
•    More than 20 years experience in judging photography contests
•    Studied in photography in California
•    Was ARAMCO’s photographer until 1990.
•    Honorary member of photography clubs in KSA
•    Offered numerous training courses and lectures  in photography
•    Recipient of the Prince Sultan Bin Salman in photography in 2013 as a pioneer of photography in Saudi Arabia

Ahmed AlBu Saeedi

•    Head of the Omani Photography Society
•    Head of FIAP in the Middle East
•    Supervised several judging panels in local and international contests
•    GPU’s representative in Oman
•    Recipient of numerous international titles and accolades from FIAP
•    Member of FIAP, PSA, and RPS
•    Partook in  numerous expos, biennials, and international contests sponsored by FIAP
•    Held a number of private expos in Oman, Hungary, Brazil, China, and Italy
•    Partook in numerous collective exhibitions, training courses, workshops, and various events in photography
Abdulaziz Mushkhes
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

•    Professional photographer, held numerous administrative posts related to photography in KSA.
•    Judged numerous key contests
•    Organized photography events outside Saudi Arabia on behalf of the Ministry of Culture and Information  
•    Offered numerous training workshops
•    Member of PSA and FIAP
•    FIAP representative for Saudi Arabia – formerly
•    Editor in Chief of Zawaiyah Photography Magazine – formerly
•    Head of imaging, graphics, cartoon section in Okaz Newspaper  - formerly
•    Published a book on photography basics
•    Recipient of the Prince Sultan Bin Salman in photography in 2016 as a pioneer of photography in Saudi Arabia