Films Contest Jury


Films Contest Jury
Muhammed Al Mutairi

Graduated from the New York’s Lights Film School as a filmmaker and cinematographer, he is the CEO of Lighting Film Visual Production, and founder of 24 Frames. He has worked on numerous films and has conducted several specialized training programs in film making and digital content. He has also taken part in the arbitration of several short film competitions.​​
Waleed AlJaber

Saudi screenwriter and filmmaker, produced and took part in numerous short films, promotional films, and documentaries.  He has previously taken part in many judging panels for short films such as the 2010 Um AlQura Short Film Contest. He was also a member of the 2013 Nida AlRouh Short Film Contest, and the 2014 King Saudi Short Film Contest. He held a number of training courses on the making of short films, and scene analysis and building.
​ ​ AlMuhanned AlKedem

Graduated from the Vancouver Film School in Canada. He specialized in directing and cinematography. He received a degree in cinematography from the University of South California.  He worked on more than 30 films in Canada, directed four films, the latest being Foresight which showed at a 2015 French film festival and was selected by the Saudi Arts and Culture Society to represent KSA in the Cascia Festival in Italy. He is also a recipient of 5 international awards such as the 2010 Microsoft Award.

Faisal AlAmer

A Saudi writer born in 1982, wrote for Shams Newspaper, then AlWatan before going onto create Masameer, a satirical cartoon series based on the book Sheq’eb published in 2011. Views have exceeded 270 million since the airing of the first episode four years ago. He has taken part in a number of judging panels such as the iBroadcast contest - Ithra Knowledge – ARAMCO, Shoof Award – Mohammed Bin Salman Foundation – MISK Foundation, and a Saudi Film contest.
Dr. Habbas Raja Al Harbi

An astute media production specialist, obtained his Ph.D. in Mass Communication in 2008 with first class honors from the Cairo University.  He is currently working as a faculty member in the College of Media and Communication at Imam Muhammad ibn Saud Islamic University in Riyadh.  He has participated in, as well as supervised the production of a number of documentaries about tourism in Saudi Arabia and its provinces. Dr. Al Harbi holds several memberships in organizations specialized in public relations, communication and advertising in the Arabian Gulf region.  He has published a number of books on public relations, communication and media criticism, as well as attended a number of workshops specialized in media and communications, especially relating to tourism media production.