Jury members of the Photos Competition

Jury members

Name: Abdullah Al Dabikhi
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

He holds a Diploma in Photography from the New York Institute of Photography and he has participated in the arbitration of more than 40 local and international competitions. He has won several awards and decorations in the field of photography.  He has also presented many courses and workshops in KSA, GCC, Egypt, Europe and America. He is a member of the Advisory Committee of the Saudi Arabian Society for Culture and Arts (SASCA), Member of the Photographic Associations of Switzerland and America (PSA), Member of the Royal Photographic Society (RPS) of Britain and Netherland and Member of the World Photography Organization.

Name: Mohammed Saleh Al-Shabib
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

A professional photographer specializing in architectural and commercial photography, face photography and advertising photography. He has received many international awards from New York, Switzerland, Netherlands and China in addition to the Arab and local awards. He has participated in more than 13 international and local exhibitions.


Name: Saleh Hussein Al-Daghari
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Member of the Fédération Internationale de l'Art Photographique (FIAP) and Member of the Photographic Society of America (PSA).
He holds the title, AFIAP (Artiste FIAP).  He has won 52 international awards and judged many local competitions.  He has also
Participated in a number of international exhibitions. Held numerous lectures, seminars and photographic workshops.  He has also written in several newspapers and magazines about photography

Name: Ms. Taghreed Waznah
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Supervisor of Photography Committee at the
Saudi Arabian Society for Culture and Arts (SASCA), Jeddah.

Presided on many international and local photography competitions

Director of the Photography Committee in Group of Friends of Urban Heritage, in Jeddah

Photographic Consultant at the World Photography Competition Association for Urban Heritage Preservation

Name: Isa Ibrahim
Kingdom of Bahrain

Issa Ibrahim, born in 1979 in Bahrain, works as a photojournalist for Al-Wasat newspaper in Bahrain. He holds 473 international awards and received several other awards, including the Silver Excellence Award (EFIAP/s) from the International Federation of Photographic Art, and holds Title of Excellence from, Photographic Society of America (PPSA).  He has won 16 awards in the Middle East and received 13 local awards.

Name: Guo Jing
People's Republic of China

A professional photographer with more than 300 awards.

She has participated in the arbitration of many international competitions



Name: Zafir Al-Shahri
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

He won 48 international awards such as, National Geographic Competition and PX3 Competition, and won the title of “The Artist” from International Federation of Photographic Art (AFIAP) and won 9 local awards, like the First Place in the Ministry of Information Competition 2011.

Name: Abdul Aziz Mushkhas
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

A professional photographer holding several managerial positions in the photography system in Saudi Arabia

A Member of the Photographic Society of America (PSA), and a Member of the International Federation of Photography - FIAP


Name: Naser Al-Rubaie
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

A professional photographer holding the title of the CROWN1 and CROWN2 (UPI CR1 and UPI CR2) respectively from the United Photographers International (UPI), the first Saudi photographer to be awarded the title.  He has won 36 international awards in 13 countries during his seven years of his Photography career.


Name: Mohamed Marzouqi
United Arab Emirates (UAE)

Member of the Board of Directors of the Arab Union Of Photographers (AUOP) and Internationally a member of and American Federation of Photography. Founder and Director of the Emirates Photography Society 2004-2006.
Presided on many photography competitions in the United Arab Emirates. Expert in tourism photography and marketing.  He won many photography competitions.  He held several personal exhibitions, in addition to the group exhibitions inside and outside UAE

Name: Ayman Al Jamaz

Winner of a number of global awards, most notably, First place and a Gold Medal in “Al-Thani Competition” in 2010.  He has bagged several prizes in other competitions in New York and Paris, like PX3 & IPA.  Headed some local competitions and participated in many local and international exhibitions.  His work has been published in a number of international publications such as “World's Leading Artists’ Book” and the “World Photography Experts' Book”

Name: Martin. C. Grahame - Dunn
United kingdom

Photographer, lecturer, trainer and international photography consultant. 36 years’ experience in the field of commercial photography, advertising, journalism, events and portraiture. He has headed over many photographic societies in Britain, such as the Association of Professional Photographers UK and the Federation of European Photographers.  Presided over the jury of many prestigious international competitions.
Participated in designing curriculum of many private photography educational institutions around the world.  He has received several honorary awards for his photographic efforts, such as the Warren Mattes Award for the Photographic Services of Galilee.